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The Emblem of the School Signifies the Vision and Objectives of This Institution.

The hand of Vimala Rani, the patron of our School, holds the burning heart inside the lotus. The lotus symbolises Indian Culture. The burning heart, surrounded by a ring of roses, is the symbol of the unending divine love. Every member of Vimala is invited to be enlightened by this divine flame and spread the same in and around us. The encircling rays convey the motto of our School - "Be lights to light others"


 Vimala Public School is committed to and has a highly dedicated team to impart quality education. We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training the present generation for academic Excellence, character formation based on value systems, Love of God and Service and the country. We envision the total formation of the young generation of the time, for their enrichment and of the society and the nation at large.

We impart quality education through:

  • Espouse Wisdom Oriented Education System
  • Possible innovative pedagogies for curricular transaction transformative and beyond textbooks and classrooms

  • Professionally qualified, Competent and dedicated faculty of the highest possible caliber in all instances with reference to our Mission & Vision

  • Well stocked library and browsing  centre

  • Well designed and ventilated Digital Classrooms

  • State-of-the-art Laboratories & Computer Lab

  • Language lab Facility

  • Guidance & Counselling 

  • Safe and Healthy Atmosphere

  • Harmonious working and learning environment assuring non-discrimination, anti-harassment, anti - abusive/ exclusions ensured by Grievance Redressal Cell, Sexual Harrassment Prevention Cell, Disaster Management Cell

  • Periodic programme review and revalidation by Academic Team

  • Regular observation of teaching by Academic Management team supported by oral and written feedback with recommendations for improving teaching

  • Regular Peer observation of teaching supported by standardised feedback template with oversight from the Academic Management team

  • Effective Communication between School & Home

  • Customer Feedback from the Parents & Students

  • Identifying of a Non - Conformities & Conformities

  • Regular Audits & Updation

  • Project based learning to build research capabilities;

  • Provision of diagnostic and remedial teaching-learning;

  • Emphasis on multiple modes of assessment through descriptors of good performance

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Updated on: 01 Feb 2017