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Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara was a product of his time, culture and country. He was a social reformer, an educationist, a writer and a mystic. He will be remembered as a great pioneer and champion of Value oriented education. He is the pride not only of Kerala but of entire mankind. He was the inspiration behind the founding of the first indigenous congregation for women congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC)




CMC is a religious order founded in kerala in 1866, in order to impart education especially to women and children. Ever since its origin, the Sisters have been active in the field of education. The lives of many young girls and boys, belonging to different classes and religious communities and linguistic groups are being shaped and moulded in these institutions.

We, C.M.C. Sisters, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who was an educator and liberator, stand for the total formation of the human person and the upliftment of women and children. This vision and principles give our educational institutions a specific character. Human excellence being the priority, we aim at forming children into well integrated, matured, patriotic, compassionate and socially conscious human beings.


Public School  a Senior Secondary C B S E School is situated 1 K.mt. away from Thodupuzha Town on the By pass road to Mangattukavala-Muthalakodam. Started in 1997 managed and administered  by  Pavanatma Educational Trust - CMC sisters of KothamangalamProvince 

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