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  Dr. Navya Maria CMC School Manager  
   Sr. Glory CMC Education Councillor
   Sr. Devotia CMC Director
   Sr. Elize CMC Principal 
   Sr. Prasoona CMC Vice Principal 
   Sr. Rosily Mathew CMC Head Mistress (LP) 
   Sr. Reena CMC Bursar 
   Mrs. Manju Jose  Academic Co-ordinator  
   Mrs. Angela Joseph L P Co-ordinator 
   Mrs. Sonia George CCE Co-ordinator
Mrs. Sheenu Simon (HOD) PGT
Mrs. Manju Jose TGT
Mrs. Preetha Elias TGT
Mrs. Leena Aprem TGT
Mrs. Sindhu D TGT
Mrs. Mayamol Gopi TGT
Mrs. Swapna George TGT
Mr. Jaison Jose TGT
Mrs. Mini Mathew PRT
Mrs. Dhanya K S PRT
Mrs. Angela Joseph PRT
Mrs. Rosemary Joy PRT
Mrs. Shiny Mathew PRT
Mrs. Thresia V U PRT
Ms. Rosemary George PRT
Sr. Mary P A (Sr. Prasoona) (HOD) TGT
Mrs. Retnamma N K TGT
Mrs. Sini Mathew TGT
Mr. Albert Sunny TGT
Mrs. Meera M PRT
Mrs. Shanty T V PRT
Mrs. Sabithamol VB TGT
Mrs. Jaicy Mathew TGT
Mrs. Ancy Philip PRT
Mrs. Jincy George PRT
Mr. Anoop M S PRT
Mr. Gireesh Balan (HOD) PGT
Mr. Rajesh P PGT
Mrs. Lijimol MM PGT
Mrs. Sheena Antony TGT
Mrs. Icy Mathew TGT
Mrs. Karthika K S TGT
Mr. Ebin Joy TGT
Mrs. Jisha Varghese TGT
Mr. Geo Jacob PRT
Mrs. Princy K Thykunnel PRT
Mrs. Nisha Babu PRT
Mrs. Dimple Mathew PRT
Mrs. Soumya Sekhar K C PRT
Mrs. Leena Paul PRT
Mrs. Geetha Devasia (HOD) PGT
Mrs. Sonia George PGT
Mr. Bipin Kumar S TGT
Mrs. Seema V R TGT
Mrs. Maya K N TGT
Mrs. Sophiya George PRT
Mrs. Blessy Kuriakose PRT
Mrs. Jaya C N PRT
Mrs. Jessyamma Lukose (HOD) TGT
Mrs. Liney P Pillai TGT
Mrs. Smitha K Raj TGT
Mrs. Gilgy G Peedikamala TGT
Mrs. Suma Thomas TGT
Mrs. Deepamol P G TGT
Mrs. Anice K Mattom PRT
Mrs. Premakumari MJ PRT
Mrs. Reena Joseph PRT
Mrs. Juby Jose PRT
Mrs. Neethu Thomas PRT
Mrs. Priya Mathew PRT
Mrs. Mini Jose (HOD) TGT
Mr. Akhil CR PGT
Sr. Lizbeth CMC TGT
Mr. Bibin Baby  PRT
Mrs. Rinimol M PRT
Mr. Asokakumar K P PTI
Mr. Rajeev Varghese PTI
Ms. Chinjumol  A G PTI
  Mrs. Nirmala N K LIBRARIAN
Mrs. Sreeja Unni Dance
Mr. K K Jayasenan Karatte 
Mr. Manoj Narayanan  Skating
Mr. Shaji N D Chess
Mr. Sreedevi Haridas  Yoga
Mr. Sajeesh P U Drawing
Mr. George Joseph Drawing 
Mrs. Nishy Roby Art & Craft
Mr. Prince Augustine Taekwonda
Mrs. Swapna Sajith Office Staff
Mrs. Janet N Kuriakose Office Staff
Mrs. Rani Biju Store In-charge
Mrs. Mercy K O  
Mrs. Sherly Varghese  
Mrs. Nissa Shaji  
Mrs. Ajitha Ullas  
Mrs. Celin Mathew  
Mrs. Biji George  
Mrs. Chinnamaa A L  
Mrs. Jessy James  
Mrs. Rekha Midhun  
Mrs. Antu Mago  
Mrs. Elsamma Joseph  
Mr. Biji Stephen  
Mr. Benny John  
Mr. Sunny Stephen  
Mr. Joy Mathew  
Mr. Mathew B T  
Mr. Joseph P V        
Mr. Baby Thomas  

 Vimala family comprises of 72 well trained, well experienced, dedicated teaching staff and  25 Supporting Staff including Clerical Staff, House Keeping Staff, Security Personnel, Bus Drivers, and assistants.

We duly appreciate the tremendous co-operation on the part of everyone associated with this institution who have strived their best to mold our students to work hard to make their dreams and aspiration come true.

Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have an enthusiastic team of teachers for Physical Education, yoga, music, dance, Home Science, Drawing, Chess, taekwondo, and Karate.

Staff Enrichment Program:

Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially in the field of education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated, by attending workshops and various training programs.

Few of them are as listed:

A three-day workshop was0 attended by teachers on the psychological aspect of students and Communication Skills by the resource persons from Bell Communication, Bangalore in the month of May, 2016. 

An induction program by Sr. Devotia CMC, School Director was organized in May for teaching and Non-teaching staff.

 Another three days course was attended by 8 teachers on various counseling methods and remedies for the students' abnormal behaviour by Rev. Dr. Soona CMC, Psychologist, at Jeevodaya Counselling Centre, Vazhappilly.

A one-day awareness camp against drug abuse was attended by teachers at Srikala Ashram Hall conducted by the resource person - DGP. Sri Rishiraj Singh,  Kerala Excise Commissioner on 21 July, 2016

Catholic Teachers attended Teachers Training Seminar at NESST, Muvattupuzha under the auspices of Dept of Catechesis, Eparchy of Kothamangalam.

One day training program on How to teach students to score more than 90% marks in Accountancy & Business Studies was attended by Commerce Dept teachers on August 20, 2016, at Santhigiri College.

A Seminar for teaching and non-teaching staff was organized on 2 August, 2016 at Kothamangalam St. Augustine's School

A seminar for the teachers of Hindi was organized by Macmillan Publications at Vazhakulam Carmel Public School.

A workshop on SEVA Model & Bench Marking was conducted by the resource team of Pavanatma Province on 25 th November 2016.

 Teachers from Science department have attended one-day training on O-lab Technology conducted by CBSE at Viswadeepthi Public School, Adimaly, Idukki

 A seminar on Accountancy & Business Studies by Kerala Commerce Forum, Kochi led by Dr. Balbir Singh and Mr. R Mahajan was attended by teachers of Commerce Dept at Vyttila, Ernakulam.

 Mr. Rajesh P, faculty of Physics was the resource person for the CKSC subject teachers meeting in June, 2016

Updated on: 01 Feb 2017