School Parliament Election & Investiture Ceremony

School Parliament Election and Investiture Ceremony helped the students to take a step further to evolve into better leaders.  Our school over the years has ensured that every child is given a chance to display his or her leadership qualities in the most guided and cared way.

School Parliament Election is organized by the election committee members as similar as the Parliament Election Procedure, in the best possible way. This is the 8th year in which we are using Electronic Voting System and ours was the first school in Idukki to do so. As a part of the Election, there held a Meet the Candidate Assembly where candidates introduced themselves and ask for votes by proclaiming their election proposal.

Investiture Ceremony was organized soon after the election. Draped with the mantle of responsibility, the leaders took the pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities.

The Student Council is involved in a wide range of projects including the development of clubs and societies and the organization of disciplinary systems, and monitoring of Campus language rules.

Updated on: 01 Aug 2018