Be Merciful just as your Heavenly father is Merciful"

The theme chosen for the year 2016 - 17 is, "Be Merciful just as your Heavenly father is Merciful". It's already well aligned in the Credo of Vimala Public School, and clearly evident in all our activities. We have constructed a Mercy Home for a poor family at Kumaramangalam – Neduvethumpara with the contributions from our students, parents, teachers and well-wishers. On Nov 1 we have observed Mercy Day. The plan of the proposed building was handed over to Mrs. Rajani during that function. The construction of the house was fulfilled within 45 days of the commencement. Apart from that, we have conducted an awareness class and Camp on Organ Donation where all the teachers and PTA executives have given consent to donate their organs. During the Mercy Day function, we have also donated medical aid for Mr. Ajay – A cancer patient, sewing machines for two housewives, and a wheel chair for a disabled woman, fund for purchasing an auto for Mr. Rajesh who lost his right leg in an accident, and scholarships for 5 deserving and marginalized children. We are in progress of helping another poor family in the partial construction of their house. Further, we have done all the official procedure and financial aid for water supply connection at the local surroundings of Mercy Home at Neduvethumpara. Now only the physical door of mercy is closed, but the Mercy Doors of Vimalites are always open.

Updated on: 05 Nov 2016